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Artist Statement

My work as an artist is shaped by my lived experience. I create as a form of social discourse, a way of commenting on and connecting to the world around me.

I believe it is imperative to examine how cultural and social conventions frame the context of art. My investigations place emphasis on the synergistic relationship between art and cultural studies and the interconnectedness of these practices to the expansive and everyday experiences of popular, social and visual culture. In my work, I have explored themes of identity, gender, place, social structure, consumerism and the vagaries of popular culture. It is my intent to question and challenge accepted and defined roles, traditions and systems. I have focused on both jewellery and the object as empowered formats for social and cultural discourse.

I employ our existing relationships to the everyday, innocent or banal minutiae to highlight and examine the politics, attitudes and mythologies of our times. Drawing connections to Craft's history, expressive material language and formats, I reframe the familiar to engage in commentary and criticism.

I am committed to Craft as a forum for communication, a position from which to engage the public in visual and intellectual dialogue. Just as I began with questions, I intend for my work to generate questions. And, from this cycle comes dialogue.





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